Graphic Gulácsy, Lajos (Hungarian, 1882-1932)

Graphic Paolo and Francesca, 1903, pencil and oil, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest. 145KB

Graphic Gutmann, Bernhard (German, practiced in America, 1869-1936)

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Graphic Guy, Seymour Joseph (American, 1824-1910)

Graphic Unconscious of Danger, 1865, oil on canvas, The H.W. Falconer Collection. 115KB

Graphic Gyárfás, Jenó (Hungarian, 1857-1925)

Graphic The Ordeal of the Bier, 1881, oil on canvas, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest. 93KB

Graphic Gysels, Pieter (Flemish, 1621-1691)

Graphic Garden, oil on copper, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg. 154KB

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